More than just organic

Transparency at Teekampagne

We see transparency as the ultimate tool to educate consumers on organic quality, traceability, price calculation and packaging material.
It has been one of our core values right from the start. As a certified company, we obtain our teas exclusively from tea estates, which produce according to the specifications of organic agriculture.

Please find our current organic certificate here.
Please find our current Naturland certificate here.

Nevertheless, for us organic is not enough. Each batch of tea will be thoroughly analysed by an independet laboratory. It is tested for residues of more than 600 pesticides and unwanted substances. Only tea that doesn't exceed the statutory maximum residue levels will be bought by us. And what's more, we even share the lab results with you. You can view them by clicking "Check traceability" below.

We know exactly from which tea gardens the tea in your package originates - right back to Darjeeling or Assam. Thanks to our license agreement with the Tea Board of India  we can guarantee that you will get 100 percent pure tea from Darjeeling respectively Assam.

Check traceability

Certified organic quality

Thorough testing
It is a recurring topic in the news: contaminated food and residues in tea. No matter if you drink herbal infusions, green tea or black one, no matter if you buy it at a fancy shop or at a discounter. We all don't want to worry about pyrrolizidine alkaloids or pesticide residues in our favourite cuppa. That is why Teekampagne relies on its own testing since the beginning. Every batch of our tea gets tested for well above 600 substances and pesticide residues. Only tea that meets the statutory requirements will be bought, and what's more, we share the lab results with you - for maximum transparency.
Certified organic agriculture
Our partners in India believe as much as we do that organic agriculture is the direction into a sustainable future. The last of their tea gardens converted to organic agriculture in 2010. Since then our whole product range is certified organic. Even our Earl Grey meets the requirements as its citrus note does not come from artificial additives. Our tea is flavoured with the very best a bergamot fruit has to offer - 100 percent pure bergamot oil from organic cultivation.

More than organic
Even stricter than the EU regulations for organic agriculture are the standards set by Naturland - an association of organic farmers around the world. Their standards existed long before the first EU regulations on organic agriculture became law and goes beyond their scope as it takes for example organic forest managment as well es social aspects into account. A lot of the tea gardens that we work with are certified by Naturland.

Our labels tell it all

Wine is a classic example where the label on the bottle shall give information and orientation to the consumer. The German wine law provides the guidelines as to what information needs to be disclosed and in which manner. We found this inspiring as we set up our own quality standards. Hence our labels tell is like it is - all the facts your might require, no frills.

Our label explained

Disclosure of the price calculation

Teekampagne was founded as an example to show that high quality tea doesn't necessarily have to be sold at high prices. If you focus only on a limited product range, align your sales with the times of tea harvest and do without small packages you can save a lot on material and costs - even to quite an amazingly degree!
Since 1985 Teekampagne shows that economy and ecology can go hand in hand - and that without compromising fair treatment to all parties concerned. The result of this value-for-money-leadership is excellent tea that is very friendly on your budget.
However, the one thing where we don't like to save on: is quality.
We strongly believe that the production of high quality should be incentivised by fair prices. Roughly more than half of our retail price we pay our producers for organic whole leaf Darjeeling First and Second Flush teas. So far we don't know of any other tea company which pursues a similar value ratio. Furthermore we willingly spend money on our own multi-stage controll system to ensure the high quality of our teas. Each batch of tea is blind tasted by tea tasters and thoroughly checked for unwanted residues by an independent lab. We share those lab reports with you as well as our exemplary calculation of our tea price at the beginning of each new tea campaign. That is how we understand transparency.

Fair to producers and to nature. And still a great price!